Carbon Skyline


Souvenir postcard printed with carbon ink extracted from the atmosphere.

Carbon Skyline is a line of souvenir postcards, produced and sold in major cities. Each card features a landmark or space in it’s respective city that is special to the people who live there. On the back of the card are coordinates, enticing the user to find that place, photograph the card in front or next to it, and finally, post the picture to social media using the hashtag carbon skyline. 

The artwork is hand drawn and then reproduced in limited run batches, using ink made from carbon powder, harvested from the atmosphere of that city. Studio Roosegaarde’s Smog Free Towers are set up in spaces all over the city, creating pockets of clean air as the massive purifier pulls carbon from the atmosphere.

The cards are sold either individually or in sets, tied together with string made from reclaimed thread. These mementos allow visitors to engage intimately with a place, delight in being let in on a “secret,” and connect to their loved ones as they share the story of their experience when they send the card.