a water powered timer inspired by Aristotle's water alarm clock

Skills and Tools:
Physical prototyping

Products of Design, SVA, 2016

Chronos is an updated redesign of Aristotle's alarm clock that utilized water, buoyancy, and gravity. Meant for timing work periods using the Pomodoro Technique, the apparatus is set to alert the user after 25 minutes has passed. Chronos eliminates the startling and annoying noise of modern alarm clocks in favor of a firm yet pretty sound that is easy on the ears. The rhythm of the dripping water creates a steady beat, fostering a calm environment for getting work done.

Project Summary

As water passes from the first vessel to the second, the rising water lifts a buoy holding small metal bells. Eventually the water level rises enough to tip the buoy over the edge of the second vessel, sending the metal bells resounding into the third, empty vessel. To reset the clock the user must physically engage with the tool by manually returning the water to the top cup and replacing the bells on the middle cup's buoy.

The Pomodoro technique is a time management strategy that was created by Francesco Cirillo for a more productive way to work and study. There are many digital timers that count down the 25 increments, but only Chronos helps you efficiently time your work periods by allowing you to physically engage with time.