Echo is a Solidarity Building product/app pairing For Feminists.

Being aware of how the patriarchy gets us down, without a supportive community to back us up, makes a hard situation even harder. Echo aims to build a sense of camaraderie and solidarity between feminists, albeit anonymously. The app's main feature, a story feed, allows users to post short anecdotes, complaints, or observations about sexism. Other users can choose to support the OP by clicking on the "solidarity" icon which sends a haptic tap to the OP's wearable device. The wearable is an innocuous metal bracelet that is designed to compliment a diverse range of fashion tastes, while remaining slightly covert. The bracelet also vibrates when two wearers pass each other in close vicinity.

Echo understands that "outing" oneself as a feminist can be potentially damaging or dangerous, so steps are taken within the design to maintain the anonymity of the users. While users can see the location of other feminists nearby on a map, there are no profiles or usernames. Solidarity is built through the sharing of stories and the acknowledgment and validation of those experiences. There is no comment section, which allows each story to stand alone and unquestioned in it's authenticity — as is so often not the case in the real world.

Echo is a safe space for women, by women.