Equal Parts


Equal parts is a website platform for artists and activists committed to social change, expressed through public art activism.

Using an intersectional feminist lens to analyze our society, Equal Parts promotes solidarity in all social justice efforts. This positions women to take their place in support of their preferred causes via street art, strengthening their role within the movements and their own communities. 

Equal Parts is a website platform that encourages graffiti art activism by and for women. The site encourages would-be artists to find a place in the larger community by lowering the barrier to entry. This is done through the availability of stencils, stickers, and posters that may be downloaded and put up at the users discretion.

The site also provides an introduction into the interconnected social justice issues that effect women and other marginalized, disadvantaged, and disenfranchised groups. In that way, the site not only promotes gender equality but solidarity on all fronts. These social justice issues are placed on par with feminism on the site, in an effort to convey the message that all struggles are entwined; only through collective action will we see the change we seek.

The development of this project was the result of a combined effort with my classmates at SVA's Products of Design; Andrea Cameron, Gahee Kang, Cody Pfleging, and Jenna Witzleben. As a group we asked: "How might we build a safer environment and a more supportive community for women graffiti artists that subverts the gate keeping that blocks the paths of women in the arts?" Using a systems thinking framework, we understood that in order to solve the social problems that exist with the graffiti community we'd have to solve the social problems in our society at large. That led us to conclude the way forward was to accept the cyclical nature of the work and exploit the attributes of graffiti and street art — the forcing of messaging into the public consciousness. 

Design Process