an audio time capsule

flourish final pres.jpg

How might we emphasize places that hold personal importance?


Skills and Tools:
Experience design
Graphic design
Video & sound editing

Arjun Kalyanpur, video
Sowmya Iyer, photo
Jenna Witzleben, facilitator
Julia Lindpaintner, facilitator

Products of Design, SVA 2016

If the land is our heritage and legacy, what are we leaving to the next generations? The established narrative around climate change, which centers exotic locales, makes it hard for people to imagine that the local places they love are also at risk. By putting personally important places into the spotlight, can we create urgency around climate change mitigation?

Project Summary

At the 6BC Botanical Garden in Manhattan’s Alphabet City, guests were invited to take a break from the busy pace of their everyday life inside a garden planted with memories of favorite and important places. At the gate, participants receive a pamphlet with a map of the garden marking five "listening stations" at key focal points of the garden. At any time, guests are welcome to share their own memory in the recording studio overlooking the garden. Their recorded stories are added to an audio time capsule.