Hygge (hYOO-guh) is a wearable hug.

Hygge is a concept in Danish that does not have an equivalent word or translation in English. The closest translation is "coziness" but the Danish explain the concept as creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Hygge, the wearable hug, fosters a sense of warmth and comfort for the wearer when being with a loved one isn't an option and embodies the sense of coziness that causes us to feel a loved one's absence.

Hygge's cover is removable through a zippered opening on the bottom seam for easy care. The cover is a lightweight, yet sturdy cotton knit. The insert is made from a base of polyester batting, and encased in a cotton/poly blend. The internal layering of batting provides warmth and structure, the most integral component of the design.  Hand straps at the end of the arms enable the user to keep Hygge on while retaining use of their hands.