Nuzzle is a hat set shared between two wearers that expresses the joy of being close to a loved one.

When two wearers touch their heads together at the conductive contact points, the pompom on nuzzle lights up. Nuzzle facilitates unexpected interactions by lighting up a part of the hat that the wearer can't see. This performative aspect draws bystanders into the interaction.

During construction both hats have conductive yarn knitted into patches on the brim. This allows the wiring of the hats to be hidden inside and gives access to the circuit from both the inside and the outside of the hat. The hat takes advantage of two circuits, one for the LED and one for the switch. The LED circuit is always closed, but only powered when the second switch is closed. The second circuit, the switch, is closed by touching the two hats together so that the two patches on each hat touch. Wiring the circuits this way prevents the current from traveling throughout the entire hat and against the wearer's head.