Goats with the wind farm wedding dress

For her July wedding, my friend asked me to design her a "not-wedding-dress". She wanted a versatile and comfortable dress that she could wear again after the wedding, while still retaining an element of elegance that set her apart as the bride. After an initial consultation I designed a simple and flattering A-line with a combination of cotton print and silk/cotton overlay. The sheer silk/cotton blend overlay allowed for a subtle use of color and pattern, bridging the gap between wedding dress and sun dress. The V-shape feature in the back is a nod to traditional wedding gowns with elaborate back details, while the faux leather braided straps lend an earthy quality; perfect for a wedding at an organic hilltop farm. The best part, though, is definitely the pockets.


As a milliner I worked for a versatile and talented designer based in New York City, Christine Moore. My experience at Christine A. Moore Millinery forms the base of everything I know about the trade. Working in retail production gave me experience with quality control and working at a fast pace while creating a beautiful and high-end product. 
Pictured here are just a few of the hats that I constructed:

Featured living room design

The living room in my Tel Aviv apartment had lots of potential when I moved in. However, years of neglect had left the walls dirty and crumbling and floor to ceiling tinted glass doors and shutters closed in the balcony. I wanted to create a comfortable, welcoming, and bright space where I could have friends over and a grow a garden in the balcony. 

I prepped and painted the walls, resealed the window, and took down the balcony doors and shutters. Inspired by the orange couch and my Grandmother's lamp that I had brought from the US, I used an orange, sea foam green, and indigo color scheme. Exclusively second-hand, found, and handmade furniture and objects give the room an eclectic feel while the color scheme enhanced by wood tones creates a sense of unity. I tied the indoor and balcony spaces together by incorporating wood elements through re-purposed wood cabinets and boxes as planters in the balcony and filling the living room with plenty of greenery.