Snippy of Papercutton


Snippy of papercutton is an allegory about class privilege, told from the perspective of a pair of scissors, stuck in heat-sealed double blister packaging.

The story follows Snippy, a young pair of scissors, on a journey as she overcomes the disadvantages of being packaged in an unpackaged world. Along the way, the audience meets her indifferent boss, a well-intentioned stranger suffering from Unpackaged Savior Syndrome, and Snippy's best friend and ally, Slicette. SPOILER ALERT: Snippy utilizes Slicette's unpackaged privilege by using the light bouncing off Slicette's blades to loosen the packaging around Snippy. By giving Snippy the power of determining her own future with the help of her friend, the narrative leaves Snippy with the acquirement of autonomy, while Slicette's embodiment of the privileged class has shown the reader a supportive example being an ally.

This story is intended to help adults with privilege relate to what it's like to not have privilege. Furthermore, the reader will come away with a understanding of how to use their own privilege as a tool to be used by those less fortunate, by working as an ally to dismantle the institutionalized systems of oppression in our society.

The aesthetic of the graphic design in intended to lend an air of seriousness and credibility to the narrative. It's vintage presentation is a provocation of the reader's memory of old storybooks, meant to disarm and open the reader's mind to the themes and moral within. 

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