documenting the stories of undocumented immigrants

How might we reveal the experiences of undocumented immigrants?

Skills and Tools:
Graphic design

Products of Design, SVA, 2016




Despite the controversy around their status, New York City is home to an estimated 750,000 undocumented immigrants. These neighbors, and their contributions to our society, often go overlooked as they make a life for themselves and their families. Wallflowers is a platform for telling the stories of refugees and migrants in their own words. 

Project Summary

Wallflowers was inspired by the psychological phenomenon, pareidolia, which is when the mind perceives familiar patterns such as faces, animals, or objects in random texture or arrangement of objects (think, the Man in the Moon, or Jesus on toast). Upon first glance, the imagery in the book appears to merely show walls and building facades from around New York City, but as the reader spends time with the story, a portrait of that spread's author begins to develop. Wallflowers utilizes light reactive inks to create the illusion of undocumented immigrants emerging from the shadows and into the light.